Management Service

Trust us by entrusting us with your property management. You will be freed from all constraints with the ability to deduct our fees from your income ...


Agency fees 7% TTC of the monthly rent excluding charges

The service includes management:

  • Financial: Collection of rents and charges, direct relationship with the CAF, review of rents, reminders, regularization of provisions on charges ... and payment of owners before the 20th of the month.
  • Accountant: Establishment of receipts for all sums received or paid, maintenance of tenant and owner accounts, establishment of a detailed management report once a year ...
  • Legal and litigation management: Drafting of leases, inventory, renewals, notices, endorsements, reminders, etc.

Processing of mandatory diagnostic missions, processing of arrears, transmission of disputed files to the competent bodies, etc

  • Mounting of the guaranty of unpaid rents: With the competent insurance for approximately 3% * of the amount of the rent (* the percentage can vary according to the policy of the insurances themselves)
  • Installation of the Visale guarantee (free unpaid rent guarantee but under conditions)
  • Drafting of joint and several guarantees (drafting of the joint and several guarantee free of charge but subject to conditions)
  • Unpaid files:

If the accommodation is insured: transmission and monitoring of the file with insurance ...

If the accommodation is not insured: advice, monitoring and transmission of the file to the competent authorities...


for owners who want to manage alone, 
we offer the possibility of finding and setting up the tenant. The fees related to this mission are also fully deductible from property taxes.

The mission includes the following actions:

Search for tenants, visits, paper advertisements, internet advertising, studies of tenant files, tenant creditworthiness surveys, drafting of leases, joint and several guarantees, drafting of inventory reports, collection of security deposit, etc.

The amount of tenant fees is capped by ARTICLE 5-I of the ALUR Law of March 24, 2014 at 11 euros / m² and may in no case exceed the share of the owner.

The amount of the owner fees corresponds to 1 month's rent excluding charges.

Expert fees